Work Smarter, Not Harder

Those of us who have volunteered at the Food Bank Gardens in Port Townsend for the past two years are learning!

Growing food for others requires vision, energy, commitment, and  is most easily accomplished with teamwork.  In that vein, in late winter, we held a volunteer information gathering, down the hall from the Food Bank for new volunteers interested in learning about getting involved in growing food together for those most vulnerable in our community.

We have succeeded in the formation of THREE garden volunteer teams, one for each garden. Our Leadership Team for the year has also been established. The Leadership Team is comprised of each of the garden coordinators, our infrastructure volunteer who manages the oversight of watering systems, fencing etc, and a team facilitator – this group meets monthly.

As is the case, once you develop a clear sense of organizational structure, people find there is something they want to join!  Our community has jumped in with both feet to donate money, tools, and effort.  So we are ready to roll this year, 2014, the year we have dubbed “The Year to Grow Your Own Food”.   Each of us can feel empowered by learning to provide food, for ourselves, and for others.  Come join us in the gardens!  Help us realize a community where no one has to go hungry.

Contact Garden Coordinator, Karen Kastel at [email protected] to begin volunteering! Volunteers can donate an hour, or several hours a week – any time is valuable.

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