RainCoast Harvest … August 2020 Volunteer Update

Dear RainCoast FBG Volunteer Team – 
Thank goodness the extreme heat has passed! But I think it still best to meet at 9 am for our work parties, as the garden site can become quite warm by 11:30 am.
Tuesday we will be bringing in a small harvest, so it should only take about an hour for harvest and prep. Ready for harvest should be: kale, some herbs and mint, some lettuce for salad mix, green beans and maybe some tomatoes! The artichokes are growing a second round of edible buds, but they are still quite small. Attached is a photo of our last harvest, prepped and ready for delivery to the Tri-Area Food Bank.
For the Thursday work party Mary H is really excited about renovating the farthest grow bed and planting it to purple sprouting broccoli. We should have enough soil and Farmyard Blend, but we will have to dig out lots of cedar roots. So bring your digging tools and a couple of wheelbarrows would be helpful too. I will bring tarps and purple sprouting broccoli starts, if I can find any… We should also hand water a bunch and apply some more organic fertilizers to the heavy feeders (celery, onions, tomatoes) and any scrawny-looking plants. I will try to start a batch of compost tea too, as this is the perfect time to apply it. Everyone noticed a significant boost in plant growth after the last application! Many cucumber vines will also need to be trellised. It is a time of rapid growth in the garden, as we have warmer days and good light.
See you soon for more… FUN in the garden!
– Lys

Mary and Denny with RainCoast harvest 8/11/2020

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