Greetings from The Quimper Grange Garden

Dear Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden Volunteers,

Just a quick note to keep everyone on our list updated about the status of the Quimper Grange Garden. If you are no longer interested in volunteering here, or would like your name removed from our list, please respond “remove” to the email that was sent. We thank you for your support over the years!

In these summer months, The Quimper Grange Garden continues to donate between 55-70 pounds of organic produce twice per week to the Port Townsend FoodBank! August donations totalled 540 pounds, with over 160 volunteer hours logged.

Every row at the garden is earmarked for crops this summer/fall! Crops planted in August include carrots, bush beans, snap peas, lettuces, radish, winter onions, scallions, collards, kale and beets. Some of these are still in their nursery beds, awaiting the time that current crops complete their summer cycle. It’s a beautiful jigsaw puzzle and new crops are constantly being started.

Organic potatoes continue to be harvested, thanks to a grant received from the Tri Area Garden Club. The project involved growing potatoes in fabric bags, rather than directly in the ground. Historically, organic potatoes have been in popular demand by food bank clients, and this method of farming ensures additional growing space that we wouldn’t normally have.

Two volunteers were added – Mary F added a Friday harvest day to her regular weeding day, and Mary P joined Cathy on Tuesdays for harvest. We couldn’t do this without their help; in fact, more volunteers are needed for maintenance. There are always a ton of weeds to hack back, soil to push around, and beds to maintain. Please contact Jo Yount:  or Barbara Tusting:  to volunteer at the Grange Food Bank Garden.

September 19th and 20th will feature the Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden as part of its virtual Farm and Gardens Tour this year. Photos of this garden were taken last month to add to the website. To visit the 2020 Farm and Gardens Tour, visit

Compost bins for weedy and woody materials have been added outside the fenced garden. All other non-weedy materials can be deposited neatly beside the three black compost bins inside the garden. This saves us money by eliminating trips to the composting facility!

Late September or early October will see the construction of our 3rd hoop house, donated by Lys Burden, with other supplies donated by the Yount family. This will greatly increase our produce donations to the Food Bank throughout the winter months. The Quimper Grange Garden has been the sole food bank garden to donate during winter months until this year. New hoop houses are being built by several other food bank gardens by several other gardens this year in order to better serve our community with food supplies during this time of pandemic.

Sanitation procedures for food have been in effect since early March. Masks, distancing and hand-washing are all requirements for working in the garden while Covid-19 affects us. There are disposable masks and gloves at the garden in case someone forgets theirs. Sadly, the gates have been locked due to recent thefts. If you wish to visit the garden with Jo or Barbara, please arrange with them in advance to ensure you can gain entrance.

Last but not at all least, the Quimper Grange #720 has been supporting the Food Bank Garden with land, water and electricity since its inception in 2012. The Quimper Grange, which normally brings in revenue from concerts, dances, and private rentals, closed its doors in February due to the Covid-19 virus, and thus has not had income to support the Food Bank Garden. The garden is grateful for donations of any size to help offset these costs and keep food-insecure members of our community supplied with fresh produce. All donations will directly benefit the food bank garden, and can be mailed to:

Quimper Grange #720

Attn: Food Bank Garden

1219 Corona StPort Townsend, WA 98368

Thank you everyone for your great work, your commitment to our community. Please stay safe and healthy!
Barbara Tusting 

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