RainCoast Farms

Our newest farm partner came onboard in early March of 2020. Located on Route 19 in Port Townsend.

This brand new Food Bank Garden has been generously donated to the organization by RainCoast Farms! Will meet every Thursday from 10-2. Located at 12224 Airport Cutoff Road. Super close to the San Juan Taqueria by the Airport.

Huge progress has been made here at RainCoast Farms. A group of seven (or so) volunteers show up every Thursday to prep that garden beds for planting.

To All Our Fantastically Magnificent Volunteers!
Thank you for all of your help at RainCoast these last few weeks! We are making great progress planting the 21 raised beds in this 2,200 sq ft garden. We are now spreading wood chips on the pathways, since the farm’s chipper got fixed and Mike chipped up a mountain of mulch material. Here is a picture of the pile we were able to spread last week, which covered about 1/3 of the garden pathways, as we ran out of cardboard and chips at about the same time… 2/3 to go…
– Lys

p.s. Thank you goes out for the GREAT map that Rachel and Gillian sketched. It has been immensely helpful in planning and recording what we are planting.