RainCoast – Late August 2020

RainCoast Food Bank Garden Volunteers – 
We had a lovely harvest last week and extreme fun in the garden during work party in late August 2020.

The attached images show the grow bed refurishment process in which:

1. Mary Hunt had a good time chopping up the soil laced with cedar roots.

2. Mary and Char screen the soil to sift out all the cedar roots. Note the pond liner beneath the screen that will prevent the roots from growing back into the bed.

3. Another view of the screening process.

4. Mary planting a new crop of purple sprouting broccoli into the refurbished bed with the screened soil mixed with additional garden soil 4-way blend obtained from a local nursery.

5. Denny and Mary showing off last week’s harvest, ready for delivery to the Tri-Area Food Bank. RainCoast Farm donated all the dahlias to lift the spirits of food bank users!

This week, we will be harvesting more produce and flowers from the garden and doing general cultivation maintenance on Thursday. The compost tea maker should be ready with a new batch of tea for fertilizing the beds with good soil microbes!
Everyone is invited to join us for more FUN in the garden…
– Lys
p.s. Once beds are lined with pond liner, we must water them very carefully so as not to over water and over soak the soil. All these lined beds will make terrific celery growing beds next year (as celery loves to grow in swamps)!

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