Spring in the Gardens

Each of our gardens are growing wildly already!

The High School garden already has lettuces ready to eat, Mountain View just installed a water-saving irrigation system and the Grange location has finished expanding to include even more growing space.

Take a look:

The Mountain View Food Bank Garden’s irrigation system involves a timer that can water up to four different sections of the garden at different times – this system saves water and volunteer time. In the next couple of weeks we will be installing similar systems at the PTHS and Grange Food Bank locations.

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As part of a student project, lettuces are ready to harvest and serve at the PT High School Food Bank Garden!

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The Quimper Grange Food Bank Garden has added nine new rows of growing space to the garden this year! We’re looking forward to harvesting lettuce, chard, kale, broccoli and many other veggies for the food bank!

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Our garden leadership team and volunteers have gotten the garden off to a great start, but we can use more help! Contact our Garden Coordinator: Karen Kastel – [email protected] – 360-531-2536 if you would like to get involved!

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2 thoughts on “Spring in the Gardens

  1. Kudos to all garden teams who have been hard at work these past few weeks to get these gardens into shape for spring planting!!!

  2. I loved the slide shows and a peek at the other gardens. All the beds are looking great and the greens we have so far are really growing fast!

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