Swan Farm – Sept. 5, 2020

Hey, all. 

Wanted to keep you up to date on how we’re doing.
We’re up to over 880 lbs. so far and should come close to or go over last years total of 1507 lbs. once our winter squash starts coming in. That’s pretty good since we’re cultivating less plots than last year. 

Rich, the walk paths look GREAT! It will make a big difference next year. We’ll be spending more time gardening and less chasing after the weeds. Thanks!

Thanks, Mike for working the compost. It’ll be nice not have to go pick it up at John’s farm so often. 

Thanks Suzanne and Susie for keeping the flats of stuff coming. 

Thanks Ginny for your weekly offerings which continue to delight!

Thanks, Mary for picking up the slack on everything and being our co-manager.

As far as the jobs list is concerned:

If you want to transplant the beets out of the gh, I think they’ll be fine. Work them in anywhere. Then we won’t have to water everyday… 🙂 The lettuce plants that have gone to seed can come out. They can go in the compost pile. The green bean plants can also come out. Suzanne you can plant your seedlings anywhere you think when they’re ready.
And anything else you can think of.

Have a great weekend. See you soon.

Happy gardening!


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