Birchyville – 2020 Update

April 2, 2020

You can see some of the new beds for the future and the beds being prepped for planting. The available space will be about 3x the original 900sf. Expanding to about 3000 square feet this season, with priority to Birch and his community.

4# harvested: kale raab and rhubarb. And bed prep.

And we got the grant from Jefferson Community Foundation!!

April 25, 2020

I had 6 stumps removed yesterday!

The small green house is moving forward next week with the help of Otter.

I will also be updating the deer security for the new area next week.

The Tropical Bed is moving forward. 

I planted cabbage, peas, grapes and nasturtiums this week in the older part of the garden.

More planting over the weekend!

Birch 🙂

May 1, 2020

Birch and Erin planting, gardening, etc.

May 12, 2020

Tuesday Work Party!

Moving brush from tree removal in prep for greenhouse installation!

May 16, 2020

On Friday I planted 3 rows of beets and 2.5 rows of leeks.
The 3 new rows of peas are coming up and we are in a good position with lots of new vegetables on their way. 
I will be planting squash this next week. 
I will try to get some more starts, then will continue to direct seed.  
Thanks, Birch 🙂