RainCoast – Sept. 2020

Hey Volunteer Team

We had a spectacular week in the garden last week, with so much accomplished! Special gratitude to all who participated (Kevin Gale, Mary Hunt, Mary Burke, Denny and me)!!!

Kevin Gale hauling chips to a reclaimed pathway on the far side of the greenhouse where we were able to erect a shelf on which to store our garden equipment (watering cans and slug traps, supplies (organic fertilizers), etc.

We really cleaned up the appearance of the front gate by relocating this stuff! I’d like to make it a bit lighter of a time/energy investment this week, so we can catch our collective breaths. AND I have some huge time commitments and deadlines this week (especially for our – Food Bank Farm & Gardens’s – participation in next week’s Jefferson County Farm Tour), so must budget my time wisely this week too.

There is quite a bit of lettuce to harvest in the garden tomorrow, so we should be quite busy making salad mixes. Remember to bring your favorite harvest knives, as we will be taking quite a few heads of lettuce. I will be SURE to bring the salad spinner!

I found out today in conversation with Kathy Ryan (who is FBFG’s president and who also sits on the Jefferson County Food Bank Association board) that most of our harvest goes to the Quilcene Food Bank! 

On Thursday, Sept 10 (night of waning the half moon), we should continue cultivation tasks of weeding, watering outside the fence, fertilizing the heavy feeders, trellising if needed, sanitizing i.e. picking diseased leaves and putting them in the trash, and maybe some site prep for the new composting operation. I will make a fresh batch of “soil soup” and have it ready. If the temperature stays reasonable maybe we can start at 10 am too… 10 am on the 10th! Hope to see you in the garden this week!

 –          Lys

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