Volunteers Needed at the High School

Hello to everyone and a hearty THANK YOU, because you’ve already helped so much in growing and improving the PT High School Garden!
The time has come for me to welcome you back and humbly ask for your help in continuing our effort to produce lots of healthy veggies for the school district and PT Food Bank.  This is my fourth year managing our garden here at the school, and the progress that we’ve made has been truly inspiring.  This school year we’ve added a pollinator garden and a covered wash station.  Most importantly, our soil continues to improve and become more alive and productive.  Additionally, we’ve gotten fairly ambitious and we will be on this fall’s Jefferson County Farm Tour!
We will begin our regular volunteer session on Friday, June 21 from 10AM-2PM.  We’ll meet each summer Friday at that time, and will also have opportunities to help out at other times as well.  This message is meant to just get the word out, so please pass it along to others who may be interested.  Volunteers are always welcome to take vegetables home.
That’s all for now.  Please feel free to contact me directly with questions
Thanks much,

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