What “Give Jefferson” Means to Us

Greenhouse Proposal for Fresh Winter Garden Produce for Jefferson County Food Banks

Our organization has a good track record of delivering high quality, fresh, organic produce to the Port Townsend and Tri-Area Food Banks since 2012. (The Tri-Area Food Bank also supplies south county.) Summer production has topped 45,000 lbs. total in the last six years and increases every year. We have increased the number of food bank garden sites this year for a total of 8 production sites with approximately an acre under intensive cultivation by scores of dedicated volunteers.

We have a total of 4 summer production greenhouses, and we’d like to expand the winter production with a more insulated house, especially suited to cold season production. We are encouraging all existing greenhouse locations to increase their winter production, as well. But many of these facilities lack the insulation needed and grower experience to produce large amounts of winter crops. A prototype operation would help all garden managers and volunteers learn better techniques for winter production.

Project Activities

If funded, FBFG volunteers will assist in the greenhouse raising at Birchyville Garden Coop. FBFG will sponsor regular all-call work parties at this newest greenhouse to educate both volunteers and food gardeners from the community about winter production techniques and to help with harvests. The winter greens production will be delivered to both the Port Townsend and Tri-Area Food Banks.The production will not be able to furnish enough to supply all those in need, but it will be a good start.

Please note that we have already raised $2,250 toward this greenhouse and need only $2,970 to complete the purchase of materials. 

Give hope. Give Foodbank Farm and Gardens. Give Jefferson. 

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