Quimper Grange – March 2020 Update

Winter/Spring 2020
Careful planning provided fresh produce throughout the winter with a twice weekly harvest that included beets, garlic greens, kale, collards, carrots, lettuce and herbs. Jo, Barbara, and Kathy were the principle winter harvesters.
Herb and Kathy consulted with Doug V on the raspberry patch, and then thinned and doubled the length of the row with assistance from Sam, newly returned from international volunteer work. Stephen built a beautiful new trellis with an innovative design to train the vines into a ‘V’ shape and make  the summer harvest easier!
Jo and Thomas built a new front porch at the shed, expanding the footprint enough to get the lawnmower in and out with greater safety and ease. Thomas also rebuilt many of the raised beds which had decomposed.
Welcome to new volunteer Karen, who will be giving Emily a much needed hand with starting seeds.
Alea continues to improve the worm bins that she designed and built. The worms did their jobs during the coldest months, allowing “black gold” to be harvested recently. Also, the compost bins so well tended in the summer and fall by Martha, produced many cubic feet of beautiful amendment.
The weeding trio of Beth, Mary and Laura are back in full swing, keeping noxious weeds at bay and the beds healthy and attractive.
Jo and Barbara just installed new row markers, just in time to sow the seeds of this season’s crops. 
As some vegetables are on their final harvests, others that overwintered are just coming into their own. Just yesterday we saw the first small heads of purple broccoli forming. The chard is beginning to perk up. And the next batch of carrots are nearly ready to harvest again.
Extra precautions have been taken by harvest volunteers. The Grange has offered their kitchen as a hygenic place for thorough handwashing and clean handling of the produce. Vegetables are being bundled into serving sizes so that food bank volunteers can easily pack the boxes for curbside pickups.
Volunteers are always needed at this garden. Principal needs currently include more raised bed construction, sanitizing our equipment, and mulching, mulching, mulching! We are still able to be outside our homes as long as we keep our 6 foot distance from each other and follow all the prescribed precautions. Let this be a time of compassion.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara T.