PT High School Garden

Young volunteers, Zach works hard and a community success story in the making!

Our youngest volunteer, almost 4 years old, masked while working and with hands freshly washed, snacking after a busy hour harvesting bush beans and carrying [light!] crates.

Kids LOVE fresh kale–and kale chips!Port Townsend High School garden supplies the schools with fresh, organically grown produce for Stacey Larsen and her team to do scratch cooking. During the end of the school year, during COVID, they produced over 20,000 breakfasts and lunches delivered by school busses.The YMCA took over during the summer, adding a weekly dinner by Grace Love of Nadine’s Kitchen, mom of an adorable toddler!What teamwork!!!During the summer, the harvest is sent to the school kitchens for freezing and saucing, and to the Port Townsend Foodbank.Students grow and harvest during the school year; volunteers grow and harvest during the summer. All under the leadership of Farmer Zach.

Farmer Zach, an ever presence at the PT High School Garden.

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