Harvest Dinner Fundraiser

Dearest Community,
Please join The Community Wellness Project at the annual Harvest Dinner on Thursday, October 24th, in support of garden education, local farm-to-cafeteria and public school nutrition efforts! Hosted at Finnriver by the Community Wellness Project. Tickets can be purchased at jccwp.org

Your tickets and contributions go to supporting school garden outdoor classrooms, community connected learning opportunities and healthy farm-to-cafeteria menu options for both the Chimacum and Port Townsend School Districts.

Creating a foundation of healthy eating in school children supports academic progress and all around well-being.

Hands-on activities in the school gardens gives students a direct connection with the food they eat and not only will improve wellness but also plants the seed of stewardship of the natural world around us.
Please help share the word of our little fundraiser and post to your events calendar!


Shayna Wiseman, Community Wellness Program

PT Foodbank – Help Needed

We at the Port Townsend Foodbank have, for a number of years, been working with a local farmer who raises pigs. Weekly, he has been collecting fruit, vegetable and bread waste from us on Wednesday afternoons. These inedibles have included overripe fruit and vegetables as well as stale and molded bread. Health issues have caused him and his wife to cut back significantly in this work.

Compostables available on a weekly basis

Generally there are about six plastic totes of fruit and vegetables and a varied amount of bread each week. It is too much for our other gardens to handle in that they already have their own supplies. We are coordinating with other groups to try and keep this “green gold” out of the the waste stream.

This would be a goldmine for the right person. The containers would have to be picked up at the Foodbank in Port Townsend at the end of the day on Wednesdays.

Please contact Kathy Ryan at 360-531-4955 with questions and requests!

2019 Season Wrap-up Mtg.

Jefferson County Community Gardens Panel Discussion
“A Season Wrap-up”
Time:  7:00 PM
Location:  Port Townsend Library, Carnegie Room
Panel Introduction: Marilyn Friedrich
Large Community Garden: Dundee Hill -Judy Alexander
Small Community Garden: North Beach-Marilyn Friedrich
Pea Patch Garden: Swan Farm-Dave Seabrook
Food Bank Gardens & Food Storage: Kathy Ryan
Port Townsend School Gardens: Stacy Larsen
Seed Library, WSU- Karen Seabrook
Each panel member will speak about their own garden, how it is unique, what their best practices are and perhaps problems they had this season that they would like to solve during this next year.
These 6-10 minute presentations will be followed by an open discussion with members of the audience to share ideas, problems and solutions from garden to garden.
Notes from this presentation will be taken and later shared with all interested parties as well as on this website.

Volunteers Needed at the High School

Hello to everyone and a hearty THANK YOU, because you’ve already helped so much in growing and improving the PT High School Garden!
The time has come for me to welcome you back and humbly ask for your help in continuing our effort to produce lots of healthy veggies for the school district and PT Food Bank.  This is my fourth year managing our garden here at the school, and the progress that we’ve made has been truly inspiring.  This school year we’ve added a pollinator garden and a covered wash station.  Most importantly, our soil continues to improve and become more alive and productive.  Additionally, we’ve gotten fairly ambitious and we will be on this fall’s Jefferson County Farm Tour!
We will begin our regular volunteer session on Friday, June 21 from 10AM-2PM.  We’ll meet each summer Friday at that time, and will also have opportunities to help out at other times as well.  This message is meant to just get the word out, so please pass it along to others who may be interested.  Volunteers are always welcome to take vegetables home.
That’s all for now.  Please feel free to contact me directly with questions
Thanks much,

Quimper Grange – May 2019


Quimper Grange May Garden Report J

June 6, 2019

Crops Harvested May 2019:  127.75

Volunteer hours May 2019: 70.25 logged


Water has been turned on in the greenhouses and garden, but the irrigation project is not complete. We continue to use rainwater runoff as much as possible, but would need to refer to last year’s figures as a best guesstimate for water use. Jo Y.  is working on this around the availability of the volunteer who is donating and installing the system.

Highlights: The Food Coop had designated the Foodbank Farm and Gardens for a second year, as a recipient of donations from their beans for bags project for May and June.

Sam is working to complete the sheet mulching beyond the lettuces. Next year, this task may be a good one for a work party.

Stephen has planted Jo’s tomatoes and interplanted carrots in Hoop House 2; Hoop House 1 is ready for cukes. The new sturdier irrigation hose is in place here.

We have added Anika as a new volunteer from Peninsula College. Her interest grew from her experience at the Grant Street garden in elementary school and from the High School garden.

Also, Martha has joined the team, having had her own organic farm in Toronto and is currently helping all around, with a strong interest in planning the seeding and planting cycles, that continue to challenge us.


Birchyville – Spring 2019

Work party of 6 planted the garden, with the owner Birch, handling the Kubota

giving the rows one more tilling in of cover crop.

Several varieties of kales and chards, lettuces, and collards were planted.

Thanks to Birch, Lys, Mado, Kathy, Jo, Emily (and Tara who will water!)

The position of manager to oversee is still open—wonderful opportunity to volunteer!