Our First Plant Sale Ends Today. Your Plant-Starts Are Now Ready @ The Quimper Grange, Port Townsend __________(order below)______

The Food Bank Farm and Gardens of Jefferson County (FBFG) is raising thousands of edible vegetable, fruit, herbs and flowers for your gardening pleasure with a socially distanced spring plant sale.

The Food Bank Farm and Gardens is holding this online fundraising sale of plants running through April 12-16. Pickup will be at the Quimper Grange on Saturday, April 17 in Port Townsend where purchases will be delivered to your vehicle.

All funds raised will help each farm or garden with operating expenses (such as irrigation, soil supplements, supplies and equipment) to increase weekly donation of produce to the four local food banks: Port Townsend, Tri-Area, Quilcene and Brinnon.

Last year these gardens produced and donated 12,504 pounds of fresh, organically grown food and almost 35 dozen chicken and duck eggs. In addition to these 8 Food Bank Gardens, this fundraiser will support other projects. This includes our Freeze Drying Project aimed at reducing food waste and building food security in cooperation with the Old Alcohol Plant. Our partnership with PeddlerPT is another project, begun last year, that we hope to be able to expand beginning this year. Added to that, we are working on expanding our winter gardening capacity by developing a new greenhouse production system.

As a result of the continuing pandemic, the need for fresh produce at area food banks has increased considerably and your support of the plant sale helps meet the need.

The online sale will run from April 12-16, with covid-safe order pickup on Saturday, April 17, at the Quimper Grange in Port Townsend.

  • Specials include:
  • ready-to-go City Pickers, perfect for any small deck;
  • a Family Garden Science kit designed to delight any age;
  • greeting cards specially painted for FBFG by artist Richard Jesse Watson.


And THANK YOU for your continued support,


The FBFG Team