Farms Reach Annual Report 2018

Thanks to all our volunteers who put in a total of over 200 hours working in our garden. With their help we were able to donate a total of 533 pounds of produce  to the Tri-Area food bank in 2018. Produce brought into Farms Reach was unrecorded, yet is was not a significant amount.


We would like to also say thanks to the following individuals and others who contributed to our success in numerous supportive ways through their generous donations.

Raspberry canes & seed packets from Michael Pilarski
Seeds, starts, drip irrigation header pipe from Midori Farm
Potting soil from Hadlock Building Supply
Compost from John Gunning
Work party snacks from Farm’s Reach Cafe
Wheelbarrow and tool shed from Samantha Janes

It appears we will be going forward with another season of the Farms Reach garden space for the food bank. Our goals for 2019 are to put in a few more beds, install an automatic watering system, as that seemed to eat up a ton of time, and mitigate some of the pest and nutrient problems, which included cabbage root maggot, major field slug damage, carrot root maggot, and general low production due to poor soil fertility. If there is interest in focusing on season extension production in early spring and late fall, to compliment the high production of Swan Farms during the summer that will be another goal.