Farm’s Reach – August 2020

Hi all!
Just wanted to send a little update! Things are going well over at the Farm’s Reach garden. Flowers are blooming and tomatoes are ripening. I’m bringing my first big tomato harvest over to the food bank tomorrow. My tomato trellises keep snapping, either there’s more fruit on the plants this year or I bought some weak twine! Still getting some vole damage on the eggplants. A plant or two disappearing every week. Mado helped me prep and plant a bed of asparagus today; I got the seedlings from Judy so thanks to whoever forwarded that e-mail!I started some cauliflower, PSB and leeks for overwintering crops and got some good info from Megan Mix about timing for overwintering crops in the greenhouse, so I’m looking forward to expanding spring harvests!

Hope you’re all well


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