Quimper Grange Procedures

Cleaning container that will be used for transport to PT Foodbank (which would LOVE to give more away to other gardens!!!). Once cleaned, the container is sanitized in parking area (5T Clorox bleach to 1 gal water) in parking area and air dried.
We put a layer of clean newspaper in the bottom
Carrots … washed, bundled and bagged.
Prewash area with new hose set up. Bucket under drain can be used for watering.
This might be adapted for hand washing, with grey water disposed of in the parking area. Currently we have been washing at home, putting on disposables, covering those with washed garden gloves. We have extra clean gloves of both kinds on hand if needed, but so far we haven’t needed them, to my knowledge.
We also can go into the Grange Hall if facilitates there are needed, which would entail more cleaning and sanitizing.
A second wash station with an extra setup that can be moved if needed (previously sanitized)
Glassine bags are available to any interested garden. We are thinking that maybe a larger bag would be easier to work with. These biodegradable bags replace the plastic bags we were using.

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