Woodland Hills

This year the garden mostly remained fallow, following the intense working of the soil in the fall of 2017. The soil remains extremely dense from all the hardpan silt mixed into the topsoil along with as much organic matter as we could muster at the time. The soil remains quite dense, heavy and in need of tons of organic matter tilled into the silt. The sheet mulch cardboard from bike boxes did not disintegrate over the winter of 2017-18, as expected. Hopefully, another winter of rain will complete the process.

Tommy Dodd picked up 7 truckloads of horse manure in July, and Lys and Mehdi worked to spread most of it on the garden area along with some yard waste that Tommy collected. We tried drip hose irrigation on top of the manure; but animals chewed through the hose, and we discovered how little water pressure exists at this site. We will have to zone our irrigation system when installed in 2019.

We also applied for and received a master gardener grant to pay for half of the cost of a deer fence around the perimeter of the garden, but we will not install it until Spring, 2019. The deer fence is designed to be like the one installed at Swan Farm Community & Food Bank Garden in Port Hadlock.