Sunfield Farm

Our newest partner, allowing us to use 1700 square feet of their pristine acreage, is Sunfield Farm. Sunfield has a history of donating food to the food banks. They see their farm as a shared community resource.

Our main focus will be the growing and storage of cold weather crops for the Tri Area Food Bank. The co-managers of this garden space will be working closely with Ezra Sullivan who is currently the Farm Manager at Sunfield Biodynamic Farm and Waldorf School.

Sunfield is a pioneering nonprofit organization with a broad community-building mission. Inspired by the ideas of the early twentieth-century philosopher and scientist Rudolf Steiner, Sunfield offers a Waldorf school and educational programs in sustainable land stewardship that take place on our eighty-one acres of fields, forest, and wetlands. They also provide healthy, organic food for the local community.