Weeding & Watering

We need your help!

The Grange Garden irrigation system needs some updates including adding a water meter and moving our faucet locations. We need someone with a little plumbing expertise to help with this small project.

We also need some weekly weeders! It’s hard to keep up with the weeds as the harvest increases… Speaking of harvest – all of our volunteers get to partake in the fresh produce that they are helping us nurture.

Please contact Emily at 517.231.1332 or evagts13@gmail.com if you are interested in helping us provide fresh local produce to our food banks. Thanks All!


2016… So Far

Huge thank you to our many volunteers and coordinators that have participated this year! Here are a few of the garden updates:

Mountain View: Our flagship garden is about to change! The hoop house formerly located here has been dismantled and will be re-erected at the Grange Garden location. In the coming months we will plant a “You Pick” garden where food bank patrons will be welcome to harvest before or after they visit the main food bank.

PT High School: Student education has taken a priority this year and more and more students are reaping the benefits as they taste the local produce in their cafeteria. The school is also working on ideas to preserve the fresh summer produce for the fall and winter months.

Quimper Grange: This garden received a new deer fence and is prepping a location for the former Mountain View hoop house to reside. This location was able to donate produce to the food bank every week this year.

At this time, garden locations are bringing in salad mix, kale, chard, spinach, strawberries, artichokes, peas, rhubarb, sage, chives, garlic, onions, lemon balm, head lettuce, cat mint and broccoli sprouts! If you have time and a desire to help our efforts please send us an email to ptfoodbankgarden@gmail.com or stop by one of the garden locations when you see us there!

Volunteers Wanted

Thanks to a fantastic article in the PT Leader last week, we have received renewed interest from volunteers. We welcome all volunteers and skill levels!

Thank you for your emails, phone calls and/or past volunteer hours. This season we have a lot of “reorganization” happening at the Grange Garden – we can definitely use your help! Set days for volunteering will be Tuesday evening 5:30 – ?? and Saturday morning 9:00am – ?? You can come for a short time or stay all day! Of course if those days do not work for you, Garden Coordinator, Jo Yount, lives close by and is at the garden several days a week. Please call 774.6618 to meet Jo at the garden.

I look forward to seeing you all at the garden soon!

Harvest Party

It’s that time of year again… the summer growing season is winding down and winter planning has begun. Celebrate a fantastic season with us next Wednesday, September 23rd with a harvest party, showcasing veggies from our gardens! We’ll supply dinner and drinks and if you are so inclined, feel free to bring a dessert to share. All are welcome!

Who: Everyone is welcome – We appreciate if you can RSVP to ptfoodbankgarden@gmail.com, but it’s not required

What: Harvest Party – Mexican Style!

Where: Quimper Grange – 1219 Corona St, Port Townsend

When: Wednesday, September, 23rd @ 6pm

Why: Enjoy an awesome dinner from our gardens and celebrate a great season!

All County Picnic

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth at the All County Picnic last weekend! We had a spectacular time sharing our gardens and talking with everyone.

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To recap: our gardens began supplying veggies to the food bank in 2012 with one location and have grown to three locations supplying over two tons of food to the food bank last year.  This year the Grange garden location built a new hoop house and the high school location is about to double in size – to continue our growth, we need more volunteers! If you have a green thumb, or want to develop one, please give us a call or send an email – even a short amount of time helps! We also welcome your other talents – we can always use help organizing, planning, creating promotional materials, photographing veggies and of course, spreading the word to your friends.

Thanks again for stopping to chat with us last weekend! If you had a specific interest one of our garden leaders will follow up with you via email, but if we take too long feel free to contact us by sending an email to ptfoodbankgarden@gmail.com.

Dates to Remember:

9/23/15: Tentative date for Harvest Party – a celebration of our season – all are welcome

Wednesday and Saturday mornings: Harvest days – we can always use more hands!

Harvest Update

I apologize for the absence of summer updates, but we’ve been busy in the garden… We’ve been through pounds of peas, a ridiculous volume of lettuce and now we’re onto the ceaseless amount squash and beans… So far in 2015 the three garden locations have donated over 1,500 lbs to the Port Townsend Food Bank, as well as a few loads to neighboring food banks and some salad to other community organizations. As always, we thank all of the volunteers for making this happen, and also invite anyone in the community that is interested in our mission to reach out and see how you can get involved! We can use help planting winter crops, harvesting, planning and promoting – we welcome whatever talents you have! Email ptfoodbankgarden@gmail.com for more information.

Progress at the High School Garden!

What a difference a couple months can make! Back in April the asphalt was torn up in front of the entrance to the garden and we were just beginning to turn under the cover crops. Fast forward to June and the asphalt is gone – thanks to Moving Earth – and the rows are flourishing!

The high school food bank garden is unique in that during the school year students are able to volunteer and learn about growing their own food – and some of the produce ends up in the school cafeteria. During the summer when there are no students, all of the produce is donated to the food bank. This garden is managed by Food Bank Farm and Gardens (FBFG) President, Lys Burden, and brand new FBFG garden coordinator, Joanne Pontrello.

Before and After rowsTurning cover crop, April 2015 (L) and Peas, Broccoli, Chard and Kale growing in those same rows, June 2015 (R)

Before and After asphaltBroken asphalt, April 2015 (L) and New Garden Space with asphalt removed, June 2015 (R)

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April 2015 (Above) June 2015 (Below)

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Many thanks to all of the volunteers that have helped develop this garden! If you would like to find out more about this project or get involved, contact garden coordinators Lys – wpburden@aol.com or Joanne – pontrello@gmail.com.