The Freeze Dryer Project … in pictures

At the heart of the Old Alcohol Plant is Bayside Housing & Services. Bayside provides transitional housing, meals and services to those most in need and depends on the Old Alcohol Plant for much of its funding. It is here that the Freeze Dryers have found a home. From here collecting, processing and distribution of food stuffs will occur.

Contact information:

Facebook: @oldalcoholplant/

Instagram: @oldalcoholplant5027/

Processing raspberries from start to finish.

And this just about sums it up…



Cliff Moore,Director

WSU Jefferson County Extension

360.379.5610 Ext. 202

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  1. I brought it a massive about of beautiful strawberries yesterday to the P.T. Food Bank. Is this something I could bring to the Old Alcohol Plant to freeze dry? If yes, what should I do? Shirley >

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