PT Foodbank – Help Needed

We at the Port Townsend Foodbank have, for a number of years, been working with a local farmer who raises pigs. Weekly, he has been collecting fruit, vegetable and bread waste from us on Wednesday afternoons. These inedibles have included overripe fruit and vegetables as well as stale and molded bread. Health issues have caused him and his wife to cut back significantly in this work.

Compostables available on a weekly basis

Generally there are about six plastic totes of fruit and vegetables and a varied amount of bread each week. It is too much for our other gardens to handle in that they already have their own supplies. We are coordinating with other groups to try and keep this “green gold” out of the the waste stream.

This would be a goldmine for the right person. The containers would have to be picked up at the Foodbank in Port Townsend at the end of the day on Wednesdays.

Please contact Kathy Ryan at 360-531-4955 with questions and requests!

2 thoughts on “PT Foodbank – Help Needed

  1. Thank you! The Port Townsend Foodbank has a sheep farmer planning to pick up on Wednesdays and another farmer planning to pick up on Saturday.
    Many thanks to Michael who is retiring, who picked up vegetable scraps for years to share with his pigs!
    We will miss him!

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